How to study smart? YOU STUDY HARD BUT NOT SATISFIED WITH YOUR RESULTS?  Most students have experienced and realize that studying smart is more effective than studying hard. The reason of good grades of high achievers is that they always take the notes serious and this is a very smart way to get high grades. This allows them to cover everything.

We are going to discuss about some smart scientific ways that will help you to get best grades with a little hard work.

1. Study Multiple Subjects Each Day

Study multiple subjects each day instead of one or two subjects this will help you learn faster. If you study the same subject in one day you’re likely to confuse with similar information.

So to study smart, spread out your study time for each subject and your brain will have more time to consolidate your learning.

2. Survey The Whole Chapter.

When you sit to study, survey the whole chapter take the view of the main topics and you will get the idea that what you are going to learn in that chapter. Also check out the diagrams of the chapter.

3. Summarize The Main Point Of Lecture.                      

During the class it is important to note the main points of lecture that the teacher give and  at the time of exam preparation the key points of the lecture helps you a lot to understand the topic and helps you to learn the topic with clear concept.

This is one of the smart way to study for your exams and if you want excellent grades then you must write the main points of lecture and if you find any difficulty to understand the point of lecture than you must ask from your teacher and should revise the key points of lecture that day.

4.Create Your Own Quiz.

One of the smart tip to study the chapter is to create your own quiz. After finishing the chapter try to make your own questions, blanks and multiple choice questions of essential concepts of the chapter.

Making your own quiz will assist you to understand the concept clearly or easily.

5.Study in Chunks.

When you are preparing yourself for the exams you should study in chunks. Try to learn most of the subjects in one day by studying one chapter of each subject, it helps you to cover maximum syllabus in short period of time.

Set up your own timetable in which plan numerous subjects in 1 day with few topics. If you have a little time left try to view all your notes.

6.Highlight the key Points.

Highlight the main points or key words of the chapter and study that information out loud and memorize the concept of main points and read them loudly as many times possible.

7. Drive Examples Related To Your Life Experience.

When you sit down to study try to understand the topic by making examples as much as possible. Also try to relate the examples by your life experiences this will help you to remember the topic which you have study, it will also clear your concept.

8.Take Notes By Hands Instead Of Using Laptop   

While taking the class note down the key point of the lecture of your teacher and read your notes thoroughly and take the notes by hands instead of using laptop and try to write the notes in your own wording.

9. Study like A Teacher.

Whenever you sit down to study always study like a teacher and try to teach yourself. In this way you will understand the topic more clearly and you will understand the concept of the topic. You will focus on the main points of the topic just like a teacher do while teaching the students.

This step will help you to memorize the chapter or topic with clear concepts. This is one of the smart ways to prepare yourself for the exams.

10. Develop Symbols That Represent Concept.

If you find some difficulty to learn key concepts and to memorize bigger words with hard pronunciation so you can just make them smaller by developing some symbols for them for example,

In Mathematics we use the word BODMAS:

Bracket Of (multiplication) Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction

This helps us to solve the mathematical questions and also help us to get accurate answer.

In Science we use MRS NERG to understand the characteristic of living things:

Movement Respiration Sensitivity Nutrition Excretion Reproduction Growth

In English we use FAN BOYS to understand the coordinating conjunction:

                            For And Nor But Or Yet So

By using the symbols for the concepts you understand and memorize the concept easily.

11. Take Regular Study Break.

Taking regular study breaks enhances overall productivity. That’s why it is not a good idea to hole yourself in your room for six hours straight to study for an exam. You might feel like you get bored or done this way.

12. Test Yourself.

Study smart by quizzing yourself on the key concepts and equations. And as you prepare for a test, do as many practice questions as you can from different sources.

13. Reward Yourself At The End.

Before starting a study session, set a specific reward for completing the session. By doing this, you’ll promote memory formation and learning (Adcock RA, 2006).

The reward could be something as simple as:

  • Going for a short brisk walk
  • Eating a healthy favorite snack
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • 5 min stretching
  • Doing a couple of sets of exercise
  • Play your favorite musical instrument
  • Taking a shower

Reward yourself at the end of every session – you’ll study smarter and learn faster. And it will enhance your quality learning .

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